Two For One Special With Josh Palkki

January 8, 2024

Session 1 - Sound Before Sight: Music Learning Theory-Informed Choral Practice
In this interactive session, the presenter will demonstrate some basic tenets of MLT and
how they can play out in the choral classroom. Attendees will also explore how warm-
ups, repertoire selection, and “sight reading” instruction can be enriched through MLT-
based practices. Come and learn how your students can become “sound musicians”
using time-tested and research-based strategies!

Session 2 - Honoring LGBTQA Students in the Music Classroom
Schools are not safe for all students. Bullying is a context-specific and devastating
problem in American schools, and victimization at school can be especially detrimental
for LGBTQA students. Fortunately, music educators can play a powerful role in providing
safety for LGBTQA students. In this session, the presenter will synthesize research and
provide practical suggestions for music educators as they work to honor queer students
in their classrooms.

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