PDLC Strands

GIML has four areas of certification: Early Childhood, Elementary General, Instrumental and Piano. 

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The purpose of the Early Childhood Music Certification program is to help teachers recognize the importance of early childhood music, to discover how very young children learn to understand music, how to provide opportunities for guiding very young children to learn about music, and to learn how very young children might best be taught music.


Based on an extensive body of research and practical application, the Elementary General Music Certification program engages participants in a developmentally appropriate, sequential approach to elementary general music instruction that empowers children to become musically independent and to express themselves through music.


Instrumental Music PDLCs are based on contemporary experimental and practical research in Music Learning Theory, audiation, and beginning instrumental instruction. Fundamental is the belief that a music instrument is an extension of the human mind and body. 


The Piano Certification Program is based on the application of Music Learning Theory and preparatory audiation to piano instruction.  The goal is for students to learn to audiate as they develop keyboard performing skills so they will become fully literate musicians.