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Online Courses 2020

Introduction to the Music Learning Theory and its Practical Applications
Online Courses Sponsored by the Gordon Institute for Music Learning (GIML)

How do we learn when we learn music? In these workshops, participants will be introduced to the principles of Music Learning Theory as developed by Edwin E. Gordon, as well as its practical application in elementary general music and/or instrumental music settings.

In the elementary general music workshops, participants will explore ways to apply the principles of Music Learning Theory to new and familiar repertoire. Participants also will have opportunities to develop their own tonal, rhythm, and stylistic audiation skills and will learn how to help their students develop audiational skills in elementary general music settings.

In the instrumental workshops, teachers will explore how to apply Gordon’s Music Learning Theory concepts to beginning instrumental music lessons, rehearsals, and concert preparation. Participants will use a soprano recorder to facilitate practical applications of audiating tonality, meter, and style, and will learn how to transfer those applications to other instruments.

Online Courses:

Elementary General Music
Michigan State University
June 15-19, 2020, noon-3 p.m. EDT
Faculty: Cynthia Taggart and Jennifer Bailey

Elementary General Music
Instrumental Music
Temple University
July 20-24, 2020
Elementary General: 8:30-10 and 10:30-12 EDT
Faculty: Alison Reynolds and Beth Bolton
Instrumental Music: 8:30-10 and 1-2:30 EDT
Faculty: Alison Reynolds, Beth Bolton, Michael Martin

Instrumental Music
University at Buffalo: State University of New York
August 3-7, 2020, noon-3 p.m. EDT
Faculty: Terry Bacon and Jennifer McDonel

Cost: $150

Temple University courses must be registered for and paid through Temple’s website. Follow this link to register for Temple courses.
Students can participate simultaneously in both the elementary general and instrumental music workshops at Temple University for $225.

Enrollment in any of the workshops will include a complimentary membership in the Gordon Institute of Music Learning for a year.

Following enrollment, participants will receive details on how to access instruction, and following the workshop, they will receive a certificate of completion. There will be a limited amount of daily reading (provided at no cost), and occasional practical application assignments.

Graduate Credit

These workshops also are available for graduate credit in addition to enrolling through GIML.
• To enroll for credit for the Michigan State University or University at Buffalo workshops, please contact Beth Etopio.
• To enroll for credit for the Temple University workshops, please contact Dean David Brown.

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