About GIML's Online Workshops

GIML is committed to providing professional development opportunities for music educators to help them implement Music Learning Theory in their classrooms. Throughout the year, GIML offers several online workshop opportunities.

In addition to the online events that are sponsored by GIML, state and regional chapters of GIML also offer online workshops throughout the year. Registration for these events are handled by the individual chapters. To find out about these events, consult the websites of individual chapters HERE




Who Can Attend?

Quarterly Online Workshops

4 times per year

Free for GIML members; $20 for Non-members

Anyone (see pricing)

Faculty Hangouts

Once per month

Free for GIML members

GIML members only

Chapter Workshops

Twice per year


Anyone (pricing varies)

Quarterly Online Workshops

Every year, GIML provides four Quarterly Online Workshops that are free to its members as a benefit of membership. Non-members may attend for a fee. Each of these workshops has a different practical focus, and rotates through each of GIML's four strands: Early Childhood, Elementary General, Instrumental and Piano. These workshops are facilitated by outstanding teacher and clinicians, many of whom are members of the GIML faculty. 

Members of GIML can experience these workshops live, or can view past workshops in the members only area of the website. 

Find out about our upcoming quarterly workshops HERE

Recent Workshops

NY-GIML Workshop with Jennifer Bailey
Summer Online Workshops 2023
New England Workshop: The Choral Musician with Andy Mullen
Quarterly Workshop with Terry Bacon
Quarterly Workshop with Beth Bolton!
MA-GIML Presents: VIRTUAL Mini-Conference!

Monthly Faculty Hangouts

In addition, GIML offers a unique opportunity to "hang out" with a different GIML faculty member each month. As opposed to the presentational nature of the Quarterly Online Workshops, these are more informal in nature, and offer GIML members a chance to speak with faculty members about specific questions they may have about their practice.

The workshops rotate through GIML's five specialization area, and are free to members. These workshops are for GIML members only

Find out about our upcoming Faculty Hangouts HERE

Past Faculty Hangouts

Faculty Hangout with Cindy Taggart
Faculty Hangout with Krystal McCoy
Faculty Hangout with Jen Doiron
Faculty Hangout with Andy Mullen
Faculty Hangout with Hannah Mayo
Faculty Hangout with Michael Martin and Sharon Saul