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The Gordon Institute for Music Learning (GIML) is a community of musicians, learners, teachers, and researchers that believe in the musical potential of each individual. We believe that each person is fundamentally musical and—through audiation-based practices—can learn and build skills in music. We support our community through opportunities for musical and professional development and growth. We welcome all learners in every stage of their developmental and professional journeys, and are passionate about supporting the processes through which human beings learn music.

Member Benefits

Membership in GIML connects you to a community of music educators across disciplines, provides you with access to member resources, and supports your development as an educator and musician.

Professional Development

  • Professional Development Level Courses (PDLCs)
  • Discounted & free professional development webinars at the national level
  • Discounted & free professional development webinars at the chapter level
  • Opportunities to attend and present sessions at the GIML International Conference

Members-Only Area

  • Access to select chapter webinars
  • Watch archived national workshops
  • Three out of print videos from Jump Right In!
  • Dr. Gordon's lecture series for Learning Sequences in Music
  • Access to archived editions of Audea, the GIML e-Blast, and all other GIML publications


  • Affiliation with a local GIML chapter
  • Access to directory of GIML colleagues
  • Participate as a mentor or mentee in the GIML Virtual Mentoring Program

Professional Publications

  • Access to the monthly For Your Audiation, annual  Audea, and other publications (current and archived)
  • Opportunities to contribute to GIML publications

Scholarships and Grants

  • The Edwin E. Gordon Research Fund

Membership Categories & Renewal Options

Select the category that fits your situation and professional status. You can now join or renew any time and enjoy member benefits for one year (or more!) with rolling membership.

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Lifetime Membership

One-time payment of $1000


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