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The Gordon Lectures

Chapter 1: Audiation 

Chapter 2: Music Learning Theory

Chapter 3: Music Aptitudes and Music Achievement

Chapter 4: Tonal Solfege and Rhythm Solfege 

Chapter 5: Skill Learning Sequence

Chapter 6: Tonal Content Learning Sequence

Chapter 7: Rhythm Content Learning Sequence

Chapter 8: Pattern Learning Sequence

Chapter 9: Combining Sequences in Learning Sequence Activities

Chapter 10: Early Child Music and Music Readiness

Chapter 11: Coordinating Learning Sequence Activities and Classroom Activities

Chapter 12: Beginning Instrumental Music

Chapter 13: Improvisation

Chapter 14: Measurement and Evaluation in Music

Chapter 15: Music Today

GIML Workshops

Making MLT Work: Sequencing Musicianship in the General Music Classroom (with Jennifer Bailey)

Multiple Modes of MLT: Navigating Music Learning Theory-based Instruction in Light of COVID-19

Jump Right In to Early Childhood Music (Again and Again) with Alison Reynolds and Wendy Valerio. Part 1. 

Jump Right In to Early Childhood Music (Again and Again) with Alison Reynolds and Wendy Valerio. Part 2. 

Audiation for the Intermediate and Advanced Piano Student with Marilyn Lowe and Krista Jadro (GIML Workshop, April 2021)  

Introduction to MLT with Dr. Cindy Taggart (From GIML-California's first chapter share, May 2021) 

Instrumental Workshop With Alden Snell and David Stringham (January 2022)

Early Childhood Workshop with Holley Haynes and Carin McEvoy (February 2022)

General Music Workshop with Andy Mullen (April 2022)

Piano Workshop With Janna Olson (May 2022)

Beyond the How and the Why

Music Aptitude Workshop with Dr. Terry Bacon

Jump Right In Folk Song Project with Robin Giebelhausen

Lectures and Demonstrations

Introduction to "Jump Right In" for Recorder

GIML faculty member Jennifer McDonel has graciously shared these videos she made which provide teachers instructional support for the latest edition of Jump Right In for Recorder. 

1A Embouchure & Articulation

1A EXSkill - Hand Position Imaginary Instrument

1A Hand Position on Recorder

1A Rote Song -Chord Roots Instruction, Major Duple

1B Care and Maintenance

1B Duple A/O VA Rhythm Patterns

1B First Tone

1B Major Triple, ExSkill G-DoTi

1B Posture & Instrument Position

Like these videos? The rest of them can be found in this folder. 

Out of Print Jump Right In Videos

Video Guide to Learning Sequence Activities, Part 1

Video Guide to Learning Sequence Activities, Part 2

Music Play

Jump Right In, The Instrumental Series