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September 1, 2023

What's Happening with GIML?

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Letter from the President

Dear GIML Members,

I’m sure most of us are familiar with the concentric circles representing Vygotsky’s zones of proximal development ( Some of the implications of this research include that learners seek out those with a little more experience or skill in an area of interest and that learning is often a social activity—both learning with a mentor and learning with peers. In MLT we use this theory often: when peers reinforce patterns for each other, for instance, or when small groups improvise together. Even as adults, we experience peer-to-peer learning when we study with a friend or compare notes on a research article. But is teaching a social activity as well?

Butch Marshall, President

We who create the conditions for learning also benefit from social connections. This is evident in our fantastic conference in Chicago, our ability to restructure and move forward, and our expansion to new chapters and new PDLC sites. Your students benefit when you maintain social connections with like-minded pedagogues. This may mean sharing lesson plans and compositions, meeting colleagues at a chapter workshop, teaming up for an action research project, or just posting a question on social media. Sharing our collective wisdom is how we grow. Thus, whether you connected with someone in a session, at the folk-dance party, at Poor Phil’s, online, at a PDLC, or at your regional chapter, please keep that connection alive by checking in, sharing, and supporting each other. We are stronger together.

It was a treat to be with you all in Chicago and to see all these newly minted PDLC completers! I wish you well as you share your new-found skills and understandings with your students! 

Butch Marshall

GIML President

2023 PDLC Season

Congratulations to our 2023 PDLC participants, faculty and site managers for a wonderful season!


Elementary General, Level 2


Piano, Level 1

Piano, Level 2


Early Childhood, Level 1


Elementary General, Level 1

Instrumental, Level 1

Choral, Level 1

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Workshop Replay

Gordon's Music Aptitude Tests with Dr. Terry Bacon

If you missed Terry Bacon's quarterly workshop on Gordon's music aptitude tests, then you are in luck! It is now available in the members-only area of the website. Log in to watch this fascinating discussion about music aptitude research. 

Gordon's Music Aptitude Tests presented by Dr. Terry Bacon

Chapter Event

California GIML Presents Dillon Walters

Join California GIML for Mindfulness in the Classroom, presented by Dillon Walters on September 17th at 3 pm PST. 

From the Archive

GIML History Page

If you haven't checked it out, please look at the brand new GIML History page on our website!

Musical Child Abuse

In March of 1987, the University of Hartford honored Dr. Gordon with the Master Teacher
Award. Musical Child Abuse was the title of his address.

The title may seem harsh at first glance and an odd choice for someone accepting a teaching award from a prestigious university. After reading about Elvira Lord’s blackbirds and the news Dr. Gordon received while eating at a Chinese restaurant you might better understand why he chose this title. You will also see the connection between the Chinese restaurant and Dr. Gordon’s Master Thesis, A Progressive Method of String Bass Playing that we highlighted in our column a few months ago. Get a glimpse into life events that shaped Dr. Gordon’s outlook on teaching by going to the Edwin E. Gordon Archive at the University of South Carolina.

You can also access the paper, and many others, by going directly to the Gordon Archive.  Go to the sidebar box and choose Papers. Scroll down the list on the right- hand side of the page and you will see the link to Musical Child Abuse. You might also enjoy peeking at session notes he used during his three-day residency at Hartford University. We hope you find this paper important and thought-provoking.

Upcoming Dates

  • September 17, 3 pm PT: California GIML Presents Dillon Walters
  • October 8, 9:30 am ET: Mid-Atlantic GIML Presents Flowing into the Future 

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