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October 2, 2023

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Letter from the President

Dear GIML Members,

As we are well into the new school year, and for me it’s something like year 36, I’ve been thinking about what brings us intrinsic pleasure as music mentors and how do we maintain a positive feeling about what we do. That relates to hedonism, which is an old psychological concept. But then I heard about hedonic treadmill theory also called hedonic adaptation on Shankar Vedantam’s podcast Hidden Brain. His guest, psychologist Fred Bryant, explained hedonic treadmill theory using the analogy of walking into a pastry shop—how your senses are immediately overwhelmed by the warmth and the smell of butter, sugar, fruit, chocolate, and pastry (Hidden Brain, You 2.0: Slow Down!). But gradually your senses adapt and you notice those amazing smells less. The effect from many things that give you pleasure fade with time and repetition, so that you either need to increase the stimuli or find new passions. This is also why people with a lot of money don’t seem that much happier than we musicians.

Butch Marshall, President

For many MLT practitioners, when the modes and meters first clicked for us or when we became aware of our audiation skills, we may have had goosebumps—a flash of hedonic pleasure. How do we maintain that thrill and excitement? For me, it’s continuing to learn new tunes, chants, and activities that are musically fulfilling and, even greater, watching the wide eyes and goosebump moments of my students. I think that as long as you’re facilitating fresh and exciting music and movement experiences for learners, you can continue to experience hedonic wonder and delight—even in year 36!

Wishing you all the pleasure,

Butch Marshall, GIML President

Welcome New GIML Faculty

This summer GIML approved three colleagues to become our newest faculty members! 

Hannah Mayo (NCTM) has been an independent piano teacher since 2006 and the music and piano teacher at the REACH Preschool Institute since 2012. Hannah began studying the work of Edwin E. Gordon in graduate school and in 2017, she met Marilyn Lowe at the National Conference for Keyboard Pedagogy, where she was inspired to move beyond dabbling and go all in with an audiation-based piano teaching approach. She completed the GIML Professional Development Level Courses Piano I in 2018 and Piano II in 2022. She is honored to be among the GIML piano faculty. Hannah co-hosts the Keys to Music Learning Podcast with fellow GIML faculty member Krista Jadro, exploring all things audiation-based piano instruction.

Krystal Rickard McCoy is a professor of Music Education at Southern Utah University in the online Masters program where she teaches research studies and advises graduate capstones. Additionally she has served as Director of Choral Activities at Southern Utah University and the College of Southern Maryland teaching choral methods, literature, and conducting. She serves as an adjudicator and clinician working with all levels of singing ensembles from early childhood to older adults. Dr. McCoy is a proud member of the Gordon Institute for Music Learning teaching faculty in choral music.

Robin Giebelhausen is an assistant professor of music education at the University of Maryland specializing in general music. Dr. Giebelhausen was a public school music teacher in Libertyville, IL specializing in middle school general music and choir. Additionally, she was a general music teacher (PreSchool-8th grade) and choral director in Grand Ledge, MI. She is faculty for the Gordon Institute for Music Learning in elementary general music, has completed levels training in Orff-Schulwerk, and has studied Dalcroze, Kodály, World Music Drumming.

ECMMA Proposals 

The Early Childhood Music & Movement Association (ECMMA) announces a call for presentations at the ECMMA 2024 Biennial International Convention at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, Brownsville campus, June 27–June 29, 2024. Please read the information below before submitting a proposal. Questions may directed to Dr. Mike Rubalid, VP Convention Programming,


GIML Faculty Hangout

Hannah Mayo (Piano)

Join Hannah Mayo as she discusses an audiation-based approach to intermediate and advancing piano repertoire. October 22, 4:00 EST. 

Chapter Event

MA GIML Presents Flowing Into the Future

Join Mid-Atlantic GIML for Flowing Into the Future at the University of Delaware. Sessions by Arreon Harley Emerson, Missy Strong, and Amy Sierzega  October 8th from 9:30am-2pm EST. 

Chapter Event

MI GIML Presents The ABCs of MLT

Come join the board of MI-GIML for our signature event: ABCs of MLT! We are hosting this FREE event at Hillside Elementary in Farmington Hills on Sunday, Oct. 8, 1-4pm. Whether you are a seasoned pro or MLT, or just dipping your toes, this workshop provides an overview of the skill learning sequence and practical classroom applications.
While we are offering a virtual option, we are highly recommending to attend in person.

From the Archive

GIML History Page

If you haven't checked it out, please look at the brand new GIML History page on our website!

From the Archive . . .

Did you know Dr. Gordon was the keynote speaker at the Seventh Annual Conference of
American Kodaly Educators? He was! Read his keynote address, The Unsung Values of
Kodaly Instruction
by going to the Edwin E. Gordon Archive at the University of South
. You can also access the paper through the GIML website by selecting the Resources
tab. Once you are on the Guide to Edwin E. Gordon Archive Resources, go to the sidebar box
and choose Papers. Scroll down the list on the right-hand side of the page and you will see the
link to The Unsung Values of Kodaly Instruction. We hope you will enjoy reading Dr. Gordon’s
thoughts about Kodaly’s contributions to music education.

The Unsung Values of Kodaly Instruction

Go to the Archive

Historian Committee:
Gordon Davignon, Historian
Denise Guilbault, PhD
Diane Lange, PhD

Upcoming Dates

  • October 8, 9:30 am ET: Mid-Atlantic GIML Presents Flowing into the Future 
  • October 22, 4:00 pm ET: GIML Faculty Hangout-Hannah Mayo (Piano) 
  • November 19, 7:00pm ET: GIML Faculty Hangout-Andy Mullen (Choral)  
  • December 2, 3:00pm ET: GIML Faculty Hangout-Jen Doiron (EGM)  

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