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March 1, 2024

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What is your favorite Learning Sequence level?

Dear GIML Members,

Can there be a more nerdy MLT ice breaker question? On this leap day of 2024, I’m going to vote for Partial Synthesis.

We know what something is by knowing what it is not. But that only works if we pique the learner’s attention enough for them to compare and contrast. Because of this, the power of Partial Synthesis was reaffirmed for me this month.

I was privileged to be invited to do a little residency for undergraduates in music teacher preparation. They have had some of the basics of MLT, but not much application or demonstration. In their first year course, Introduction to Music Education, I was sharing a variation on Jan Bailey’s and my ABCs of MLT, with brief musical examples. By the time I got to Partial Synthesis, a young man in the back row was completely checked out, head down, doing something more interesting on his phone. My typical quick Partial Synthesis demo is tonal:

“I’m going to sing 2 groups of patterns, one in Major, the other in Harmonic Minor. Listen to both groups and compare to determine which is which: 1) D M S; S F R; M S D;  2) L D M; M R T; D M L. Thank goodness I had a challenging EGM Level 2 and EGM internship, because I can usually pull a respectable Partial Synthesis tonal example out of the air on demand.

When I got to group 2 and the first Harmonic Minor Tonic pattern, the disengaged student in the back row raised his head suddenly and looked around for the source of those sounds. He was with me for the rest of the presentation. This is the power of Dr. Gordon’s theory. Even for this student, at grade 13, the Major/Minor contrast was powerful enough to startle him and make his brain attempt to process what he was hearing. It stirred something in his music cognition and perhaps caused that discomfort or cognitive dissonance that is necessary for much of our learning.

For us northern hemisphere folks, we’re in a time of rebirth. Try to recall the power of hearing your first Locrian tune, or moving to your first uneven meter chant, or, perhaps, your first Partial Synthesis patterns. Think about all the good discomfort and learning you can cause by sharing those experiences with someone else. I hope you have a chance to see that same look of intense bewilderment and then recognition that I did.


Butch Marshall

Reminder: PDLCS Registration is Open

GIML is excited to present these Professional Development Level Courses for Summer 2024. Registration is open! 

Michigan State University (East Lansing, MI)
Dates: June 17 - June 28, 2024
Site Manager: Cynthia Taggart (
Faculty: Jennifer Bailey and Wendy Valerio
Texas (University of Texas, Houston)
Dates: June 17 - June 28, 2024
Site Manager: Julie Derges (
Faculty: Diane Lange and Jennifer Doiron
Eastern Michigan University (Ypsilanti, MI)
Dates: June 23 - July 3, 2024
Site Managers: Jenny Fisher ( and Heather Shouldice (
Piano Faculty: Jenny Fisher, Krista Jadro, Janna Olson, Hannah Mayo
Early Childhood Faculty: Carin McEvoy, Natasha Sigmund
University of Delaware (Newark, DE)
Dates: July 1 – July 12, 2024
Site Manager: Aimee Pearsall (
Faculty: Suzanne Burton (Theory and Musicianship) , Jennifer Doiron (Elementary General), Andy Mullen (Choral)
University of New Mexico (Albuquerque, NM)
Dates: July 1 – July 12, 2024
Site Manager: Natalie Tiesi (
Faculty: Jennifer McDonel (Theory and Musicianship), Terry Bacon (Instrumental), Heather Kirby (Elementary General), Krystal McCoy (Choral) 

Call for Presenters

MA-GIML Virtual Mini Conference

Mid-Atlantic GIML will be hosting a VIRTUAL mini-conference on Saturday, May 11, 2024 from 10:00 am - 1:00 pm on Zoom. The theme of the conference is “MLT Around the World.” We are seeking conference presenters to present on this topic. Sessions will be 45 minutes in length.

Ohio Chapter Workshop

Ohio GIML Presents Dr. Robin Giebelhausen 

Join Ohio GIML as they present Dr. Robin Giebelhausen's session Knowing and Growing: Skill and Repertoire Development on March 2nd, 2024 from 10 am-2 pm EST. For those who cannot make it in person, a recording will be available. 

Quarterly Workshop

Jump Right In Folk Song Project with Dr. Robin Giebelhausen

GIML's next Quarterly Workshop is on Sunday, March 24th at 1 pm EST.  Join Dr. Robin Giebelhausen for Jump Right In Folk Song Project. It is free for GIML members.

Faculty Hangout

Faculty Hangout with Krista Jadro 

Join GIML Piano faculty member Krista Jadro for Musical Analysis Forms in the Well-Tempered Reader books on Sunday, March 24th at 7 pm EST. It is free for GIML members.

Upcoming Dates

  • March 2, 10:00 am - 2:00 pm ET: Ohio GIML Presents Robin Giebelhausen 
  • March 24, 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm ET: JRI Folk Song Project with Robin Giebelhausen 
  • March 24, 7 pm ET: Faculty Hangout with Krista Jadro 
  • April 13, 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm ET: CA Workshop – Choir + MLT: Audiate, Create, Improvise and Flow!
  • April 20, 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm ET: NY-GIML Workshop with James DesJardins
  • April 27, 10:00 am ET: Faculty Hangout with Krystal McCoy

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