Faculty Hangout with Jenny Fisher

January 28, 2023

GIML is pleased to announce our next Online Faculty Hangout, "Piano Repertoire Round-Up," facilitated by Jenny Fisher.  It will take place on Sunday, February 26th at 5 pm Eastern time. 

Have some favorite repertoire you'd like to share?  Looking for a specific kind of rote piece to support your students' learning & audiation?

Jenny Fisher, member of the GIML piano faculty, will facilitate an informal discussion and review of various rote repertoire ideas.  Categories may include Duple and Triple meter Macro-microbeat pieces, Triad pieces, Uneven and Mixed meter pieces, Arpeggio pieces, Drone bass and Ostinato pieces, Octave pieces and Inversion pieces, Pentatonic/Whole Tone/Mixolydian/Lydian/Aeolian pieces, pieces in various keyalities (like E-flat Major to correlate with the earliest Reading/Writing book tonal pages!)  Ideas for MLT-inspired adaptations or re-fingerings may be mentioned as well.  

What would you like to find or bring?  It may be advantageous to be near a piano & your repertoire collection for this one!

Registration can be found here: https://forms.gle/5ymA8WRSLHEfraJv9

These hangouts are designed as an opportunity to chat informally with members of the GIML faculty and community rather than as a formal “presentation.” Are you struggling with something MLT-related and need ideas? GIML faculty members and other participants will provide support and guidance. Come with questions or just listen to and join in the conversation. Please note that our faculty hangouts are NOT recorded.

Our March Faculty Hangout will be a Choral focus with details TBA. 

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