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Supporting the study, support, and growth of Music Learning Theory throughout the state of New York

Saturday, October 23rd, 1:00 – 2:30 PM Eastern Time This webinar gives an introduction to Culturally Sustaining Pedagogy (CSP) and how to incorporate it into the music classroom.Attendees will gain examples of how to partner with families and intertwine social identities with musical skills. The presentation will include a Guatemalan musical game, a basic merengue pattern, …continue reading

In this session, participants will see one option for teaching notational audiation through the lens of Music Learning Theory. Rather than using the register books, participants will be guided through “Learning Sequence Activity-type Classroom Activities.” Tonally, we will follow the familiar pattern approach as first presented in Jump Right In: The Instrumental Series. Rhythmically, we …continue reading

The newly-forming California chapter is having their first chapter share on Saturday, April 24th at 10:00 am PDT. This event will feature none other than Cindy Taggart who will introduce MLT to California at large.  This event is free. You may register here:

...continue reading

New York Resources

MLT style Early Childhood Classes in New York

MusicPlay at University at Buffalo

Past NY-GIML  Events

Archived Livestream of A Midnight Bicycle Ride: A closer look at discrimination and inference learning with Kim Kane at Buffalo State College, Fall 2019

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New York Officers

Portrait of Linse Sullivan smiling and wearing a shirt saying "lift every voice"

Linse is an elementary music teacher in Buffalo, NY. As a child, she wanted to be a singer-geologist. In addition to NY President, she serves on the Race and Social Justice Committee for GIML. 

Linse Sullivan


Portrait of Linse Sullivan smiling and wearing a shirt saying "lift every voice"


Ashley Moss Fox

President elect


Lynn Grossman



Marcy Bacon



Holley Haines



Meaghan Bell

Representative member

Terry Bacon smiling in a school photo with a gray background. He is wearing a blue and white checkered button-up shirt.

Terry is an elementary general and instrumental music teacher in Chili, NY. He is the founding president of NY-GIML and has continued to serve the chapter as an advisor. He is also GIML Faculty and a member of the GIML Media and Communications Commission.

Terry Bacon

Chapter advisor