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- Harmonic Play Alongs
      (Major, minor, Dorian, Phrygian, Lydian, Mixolydian, Aeolian, Locrian, + A-tonal) 

- Rhythm Play Alongs
      (Duple + Triple: M/m, Divisions, Elongations, Up-beats, Ties, Rests)

- Rhythm Improvising videos

- Enrhythmic Exercises
- Mixed Meter Reading

- Polyrhythm Exercises

- Printable posters


- Piano Resources

California GIML Board Members


Dillon is a composer, world music enthusiast and an elementary music teacher at Cuter-Orosi Joint Unified School District. He has obtained his BA in Music education from California State University, Fresno. He was the Choral Director at Bethel Lutheran Church in Fresno, CA for 2 years. Dillon received his Level 1 - Music Learning Theory (MLT) certification in elementary music. Dillon is also pursuing a certification to become a mindfulness instructor. His methodology is comprised of multiple styles but primarily focuses on developing students' audiation with a MLT inspired approach and mindfulness techniques.


Mark Swope has been teaching music in public schools for more than twenty five years.  With degrees in Piano Performance and Choral Conducting, his ensembles have received high honors.  “This is an excellent conductor,” stated the late Moses Hogan.  Kirk Mechem spoke of Mr. Swope saying, “Under Mark’s direction the (choir) sang with elegant phrasing, clear diction, beautiful tone and perfect precision.  The performance was very moving.”  Mr. Swope also served as the General Manager of the Stockton Symphony Association.  In this position he created the Association’s education program Steppin’ Out with the Stockton Symphony which continues to engage more than three thousand elementary school students annually.  In 2015 he created and founded The Music Olympics, a regional, one-of-a-kind music competition based on student musicianship and literacy skills.  During this same time his high school choral program featured “Stagg Sings,” a choral performance of more than four hundred voices.  He is the author of “The Singing Piano,” a piano method based on Music Learning Sequences, tonal solfege, and rhythm solfege, and “Solfege This!” a music theory workbook for students using tonal and rhythm solfege.  Mr. Swope lives in Stockton, California with his wife.  Together they enjoy gardening, cooking, and traveling.

Josh Diamant strumming a ukulele.


Josh has been teaching mostly elementary music for 13 years, currently teaching general music, strings, and modern band to grades K-5 at Lincoln Elementary School in the Oakland Unified School District as well as a small private piano studio. He is Level I and II certified in elementary general music and serves on GIML's Race and Social Justice Commission in addition to his work with the new California chapter. 

A New York native, Josh holds a B.A. in ethnomusicology from Columbia University and a teaching credential from Brooklyn College. He has previously worked as a recording engineer, newspaper editor, and standardized-test tutor; sings tenor with San Francisco Choral Artists; is a regular lay service leader at his synagogue; and occasionally conducts, composes, arranges, and accompanies as opportunities arise. 
An avid home cook, hiker, and Yankees and Warriors fan, Josh lives in Berkeley with wife Alexandra, sons Aryeh and Aviv, and kitty Maya.


Tess is an elementary music teacher at Stanislaus Union School District. She has taught elementary/middle school general and instrumental music, including band, Orff, and ukulele. Prior to teaching, Tess attended CSU, Fresno, where she obtained her BA in Music Education, graduating summa cum laude with honors from the Smittcamp Family Honors College as well as the College of Arts and Humanities Honors Program. Thereafter completing her CA Teaching Credential at Fresno State. 

Outside of teaching, Tess has served on the worship team at her community church, participated as a flautist in several cycles of the Central California Youth Wind Ensemble, and sung with the Chamber Singers at Fresno State.


Barbara is currently an elementary level music teacher in the San Lorenzo Unified School District and private piano instructor using Marilyn White Lowe‘s  Music Moves for Piano series.  She holds GIML Certifications in EC  Levels I and II, EG Levels I and II from MSU and USC and an  M.A in Music Education from CSUSF.  So happy to see a promise fulfilled to Dr. Ed Gordon that one day there would be enough GIML members in the Wild, Wild West to form a chapter!   And so we have!


First In-Person Workshop (with online participants) at CSU, Fresno Feb 17th, 2024

CA-GIML Member Meet & Great (CASMEC, 2024)

CASMEC 2024 (Sacramento, CA)

9th National GIML conference CA-Chapter Meet up

Barbara and Tess celebrating Josh Palkki at CASMEC 2023
after presenting a session on choral practices using MLT. (Fresno, CA)

Recent Happenings from CA Chapter

TOPICS:  MLT FUNDAMENTALS  for everyone ; MLT-informed PIANO approach to learning pop songs; MLT for Students with SPECIAL NEEDS;   Getting started with LSA in the Classroom

California GIML Presents Mindfulness in a music class 
September 17th, 2023 @3pm PST

Dillon Walters did an excellent job presenting on mindfulness in music class. MLT naturally has mindfulness practices in the music classroom that can help your students be more present & focused. This was FREE for GIML and NON-GIML members.

Any follow up questions? Missed the event? Please reach out to  dillonwalters25@live.com

GIML National Conference: Chapter Meetings
August 3rd, 2023

During the conference in Oak Park the virtual and in-person attendees had  some time to connect in our MLT community and share what they have learned from some of the conference sessions. 

Member Meeting
June 12th, 2023 

We will have regular member meetings to update our members on current and future happenings as well as share our questions and celebrations in our classrooms with mini-presentations from members.