Sanctioning New Chapters

GIML Preparatory Audiation Chapters

Process of Mentorship

Birth:  When a prospective chapter has a minimum of 12 paying Gordon Institute for Music Learning (GIML) members, they may begin the process of becoming a GIML-affiliated chapter. The organizer contacts the executive director to verify membership of persons in the prospective chapter.  The group will be referred to as the preparatory audiation chapter once the executive director has verified memberships of the group. The group is not yet allied by name with GIML, but links to organizers may appear on the GIML website.

Acculturation:  The preparatory audiation chapter is assigned a mentor chapter who will provide guidance. The existing GIML chapter shares insight as to organization, structure, and providing services to members. Preparatory audiation chapter members are invited to attend events at other chapters. It is expected that the preparatory audiation chapter continues to maintain 12 or more paying GIML members.

Imitation:  The preparatory audiation chapter elects a slate of officers, all of whom are current GIML members, and writes a constitution and mission statement. The documents will be sent to the GIML executive director for board approval. The preparatory audiation chapter meets; mentoring continues.

Assimilation:  The preparatory audiation chapter successfully fulfills all the functions of a sanctioned chapter: recruitment of new members, timely communication with membership, preparation and implementation of several preparatory audiation chapter meetings, and sponsorship of local-interest workshops or GIML Professional Development Levels Courses.

Audiation:  The newly affiliated “chapter” emerges from the preparatory audiation phase when all the above conditions are met satisfactorily and no less than 12 members renew their GIML memberships. At that time, the chapter will be listed on the website. In addition, the new chapter president will become a voting member of the GIML executive board. Duties will include biannual chapter reports to the board and attendance at biannual board meetings. Typically, this process takes 12 months, but may take longer, depending on the chapter’s organizational efforts.