GIML Commissions and Committees

GIML is organized into commissions and committees which work in coordination  with the Executive director and the Executive Board to make the day to day and year to year operations of GIML a reality.



The Membership Commission promotes and retains membership through outreach, providing member benefits, advertising, and other initiatives as needed and oversees production and distribution of the quarterly membership publication. In addition, it encourages, facilitates, and  supports the formation of new chapters. 

Membership Commission Members

Lulu Cossich, Jeffry Ogden, Alicia Callewaert, Maureen Girard (co-chair), Erin Little, Sadie Friedman (co-chair)


The Media and Communications  Commission oversees communication within and outside of the Institute. Its responsibilities include the website and social media sites, with regard to content and presentation.

Media Commission Members

Andy Mullen (Chair), Andrea Donze, Todd Hayen, Robin Giebelhausen, Aimee Pearsall, David Potter, Linse Sullivan, Jon Noxon 


Professional Development  Commission oversees the education and professional development activities of the Institute. Its responsibilities include but are not limited to the oversight  of GIML-sponsored Music-Learning-Theory-related workshops and seminars, Professional Development Levels Courses (PDLC) including granting of  PDLC completion certificates, Faculty Certification, and the International  Conference on Music Learning Theory. 

Professional Development Commission Members

Heather Shouldice (co-Chair), Carin McEvoy, Krystal McCoy, Ron Malanga, Jessica Vaughan Marra, Jenny Fisher (co-chair), Ashley Fox, Joy Morin 


The Research and Development  Commission supports, encourages, and disseminates research related to Music  Learning Theory. It oversees the Music Learning Theory ARIAS (Areas of  Research Interest and Application) and the Music Learning Theory data base  as well as the call for article submissions, peer review process, editing, layout, and Board-approved publication schedule of Audea. It also is responsible for  soliciting and evaluating research grant proposals and research sessions at the  International Conference.

Research Commission Members

Christina Svec (Chair), Jill Reese, Colleen Conway, Heather Shouldice, Krista Jadro, Sarah Hodgman, Julie Derges 


The Race and Social Justice Group was created to create a working framework for GIML to engage in conversation, reflection, and action related to equity and justice. In its first two years, the group has created a list of recommendations for the organization, provided professional development for GIML faculty, the national board, and engaged world-renowned presenters to partner with the organization as it looks inward and forwards to more equitable practices.

Race and Social Justice Commission Members

Lulu Cossich, Josh Diamant, Rachel Lensmeier Hart, Karen Salvador, Joe'l Staples, Linse Sullivan (Chair), Liz White-Hatton



The Historian Committee’s primary focus is to provide GIML with an accurate historical timeline from the organization's beginning to the present. The purpose of the Committee is to research, gather, organize, analyze, interpret historical documents, and conduct interviews with past and present members. The Committee works closely with the Edwin E. Gordon Archive at the University of South Carolina to support GIML research.

Historian Committee Members

Gordon Davignon (Chair), Diane Lange, Denise Guilbault