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Music Learning Theory is an explanation of how we learn when we learn music. Based on an extensive body of research and practical field testing by Edwin E. Gordon and others, Music Learning Theory focuses on the teaching of audiation, Gordon's term for hearing music in the mind with understanding. Teaching methods help music teachers establish sequential curricular objectives in accord with their own teaching styles and beliefs.

Welcome to GIML, the Gordon Institute for Music Learning

Welcome to the website of the Gordon Institute for Music Learning (GIML).  We are dedicated to advancing the ideas and Music Learning Theory of Edwin E. Gordon, who was a music education researcher and pioneer. GIML welcomes all who are interested in learning more about how children learn music and about how to support the musical growth and development of every person. As such, we provide an interactive musical community that provides professional development and resources for teachers and musicians who want to learn to grow professionally and musically. We believe that everyone has the potential to be musical.

This website is a rich resource. Through exploring it you will find opportunities to learn more about Music Learning Theory through workshops, podcasts, Professional Development Levels Certification courses, and videos of teachers using Music Learning Theory in their classrooms. You also will find a wealth of teaching materials to use in your own classrooms and reading materials to deepen your understanding of Music Learning Theory. 

We hope that you will become a member of GIML and join the conversation!

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Upcoming Events

GIML is pleased to announce our next Online Faculty Hangout, "Musicianship Q and A," facilitated by Natasha Sigmund. Participants may ask musicianship questions as they

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Faculty Hangout with Michael Martin and Sharon Saul

GIML is pleased to announce the first of our 2022 quarterly workshops: Music Learning Theory Applications to Intermediate and Advanced Instrumental Repertoire with Alden Snell

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Instrumental Quarterly Workshop with Alden Snell and David Stringham

Please join GIML as we welcome Dr. Howard Stevenson for a workshop on Racial Literacy. This workshop will take place on Wednesday, February 16th from

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Racial Literacy Workshop

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Please enjoy the latest installment of For Your Audiation.  What's Happening with GIML?Here are the upcoming events you should know about!Faculty HangoutFaculty

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